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Showers for All


Shower Services for the Homeless

The Showers For All mobile trailer provides showers and laundry to those living on the streets of Denver. Two full service bathrooms and multiple washers & dryers deliver a critical, and often forgotten, service to those struggling with homelessness and poverty.

Denver Laundry Truck 

The Bayaud Enterprises Laundry Truck assists the homeless and working poor by providing laundry services free of charge all over Denver. No reservation or referral is required. How up, drop off clothing, receive a return time, pick up laundry. Sample schedules are listed below, please call Bayaud Enterprises for the current times and locations. Note: All times are 9:00 am - 2 pm with the last load accepted at 12:30 or when capacity is reached.

​​Laundry Schedule
​June 1 ​Bayaud Enterprises. 333 W Bayaud Ave​
​June 3 ​Irving St. Library, 7392 Irving Street
​June 3 ​​Gathering Place, 1535 N High St​
​June 4 St. Francis Center, 2323 Curtis Street
​June 5 ​Denver Central Library, 10 W 14th Ave
June 6​ ​Beloved Community, 38th & Blake​
​June 6 ​Renaissance UpTown Lofts, 1509 Pearl
​June 7 ​Urban Peak, 2100 Stout Street​
June 10​ ​Blair-Caldwell Library, 2401 Welton
​June 11 ​Denver Central Library, 10 W 14th Ave
​June 13 ​​Beloved Community, 38th & Blake​
​June 13 ​Renaissance UpTown Lofts, 1509 Pearl
June 13 ​Bethlehem Lutheran, 2100 Wadsworth
​June 15  ​Denver Central Library, 10 W 14th Ave
​June 17 ​Beloved Community, 38th & Blake​
​June 17 Renaissance UpTown Lofts, 1509 Pearl​
​June 18 ​Urban Peak, 2100 Stout Street​
​June 19 ​Blair-Caldwell Library, 2401 Welton
​June 20 ​Beloved Community, 38th & Blake​
​June 21 Renaissance UpTown Lofts, 1509 Pearl​
​June 24 ​Urban Peak, 2100 Stout Street​
​June 25 ​St. Francis Center, 2323 Curtis Street
​June 26 ​Denver Central Library, 10 W 14th Ave
June 27​ Beloved Community, 38th & Blake​​
June 27​ ​Renaissance UpTown Lofts, 1509 Pearl​
​June 28 ​Inner City Parish, 1212 Mariposa​​

Bayaud Enterprises 

 Bayaud's Mission: Our mission is to create Hope, Opportunity and Choice, with work as the means through which people with disabilities and other hurdles to employment can more fully participate in the mainstream of life.

​​Bayaud Enterprises
​​​Bayaud Enterprises phone no ​​(303) 830 6885
​Bayaud Enterprises phone no​ #2 ​(​303) 632-8282
​Bayaud Enterprises address ​​Empire Park Location 1325 S. Colorado Blvd., Ste B-101, Denver, CO 80222
Veterans Administration
Domestic Violence Resources in Denver

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