Shelters for the Homeless in Denver

​A list of homeless shelters in and around Denver Colorado. Shelters for the homeless in Denver consist of day shelters, overnight shelters, male only shelters, female only shelters, shelters with special classifications, shelters that serve as transitional housing, and shelters that serve as temporary housing. 

Denver Rescue Mission

Denver Shelter ​Denver Rescue Mission 
​Denver Rescue Mission address ​​1130 Park Ave W, Denver CO
​​​Denver Rescue Mission phone no ​(303) 294-0157​
Shelter Type​ ​Day Shelter, Overnight Shelter, Emergency Shelter (men), Transitional Housing (work program)

The Denver Rescue Mission is the primary shelter for the homeless in Denver and functions, or works with other organizations that provide the functions of, every type of shelter available to the homeless.

Access inside the Denver Rescue Mission is restricted and requires an ID card that the Denver Rescue Mission provides. When entering the front door of the Denver Rescue Mission every guest are required to show their ID card to staff and the ID card is scanned identifying the individual and access restrictions will show for every guest entering the Denver Rescue Mission.

ID cards for access to the Denver Rescue Mission can be obtained at the front desk of the Denver Rescue Mission.

All guests entering the Denver Rescue Mission must have a current TB test active on-record with the Denver Rescue Mission. Access can be  limited or denied completely if a TB test isn't current and this record shows every time a guest is allowed inside of the Denver Rescue Mission.

The Denver Rescue Mission provides 3-meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Step Denver 

​Denver Shelter ​Step Denver
​Step Denver phone no ​(​303) 295-7837
Step Denver address​ ​2029 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205​
Shelter Type ​Temporary or Transitional Living (6-months+)​ Men only.

Step 13 Denver - Guide

Step Denver (Formerly Step 13) Step Denver is a men's residential recovery community that helps low-income men overcome the consequences of addiction and rebuild their lives through sobriety, work and accountability.  ​Step Denver address ​ ​202

Samaritan House

​Denver Shelter Samaritan House
Samaritan House phone no ​(​303) 294-0241
Samaritan House address​ ​2301 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205​
Shelter Type The Samaritan House Community is dedicated to offering a hand up to everyone seeking safe shelter, nutritious food and supportive life services.

Samaritan House | Homeless Shelter for Men & Women | Denver

It's not just a place to sleep.​ We provide a place for new beginnings.​ Today, our focus is primarily on serving women, families and veterans who are experiencing homelessness and food insecurity. The community we serve has evolved, our mission has not.

Salvation Army CrossRoads 

​Denver Shelter ​​​​Salvation Army Crossroads 
​​​​Salvation Army Crossroads phone​ no ​(​720) 305-4640
Shelter Type​ ​Overnight Shelter 

Salvation Army - Guide 

The Salvation Army in Denver offers facilities and services to the homeless in and around Denver, Colorado. The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church

Ready to Work 

Near Denver (Boulder) ​Ready to Work House & Employment Center
​​​​Ready to Work phone no ​​(303) 442-8300
Ready to Work address​ ​4747 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder CO 80305
​Shelter Type​ ​Temporary or Transitional Living (based on individual needs)​

Ready to Work Boulder - Guide

The Ready to Work House and Employment Center in Boulder, Colorado that was opened in 2015 by Bridge House CEO Isabel McDevitt.  Ready to Work Boulder ​Ready to Work Boulder address ​4747 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO 80305 ​Ready to Work Boulder p

Boulder Shelter 

Near Denver (Boulder) ​Boulder Shelter
Boulder Shelter address ​​4869 N Broadway, Boulder CO
​Shelter Type ​Overnight Shelter​
Domestic Violence Resources in Denver
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